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Service Unit Communication Methods

We utilize many different methods to communicate Service Unit news to the leaders and parents of LSSU.

Private Facebook group

Lynnhaven Shores - Girl Scouts

This private Facebook group will be used to communicate with troop leaders. The SU will post alerts to emails, information about events, trainings and other SU news on this page. Questions can be asked in a private, safe place. Leaders will also be able to share great program and activity tips on this page. Photos of LSSU events only will be posted on this page (see public page for troop photos).

We would love to have all leaders as members of this group

so we can do some of our leaders meetings using Facebook Live.

This can only happen if we have at least 99% of our leaders on there.

If you don't use Facebook, consider opening a Facebook account just to join this page. You don't need to be friends or even post a profile pic to have a Facebook page.

Hannah, Susan and Karen will monitor this page. Contact [email protected]


This website can be used to locate all information about happenings in LSSU. Check the calendar for leader meeting dates, LSSU Events Page for this year's event dates and the Troop Toolbox for leader information. Don't forget to use the online fill-able forms to sign up for events, community service months and send trip approval requests. Troop and parent payments to LSSU can be made via PayPal; use the gift to friends and family option when making payments.

Join as a Community Member to participate in the Forum, add photos and videos to the site or to communicate with other members.

Christine and Karen will manage the website. If you would like troop photos posted to the website, you can email the pictures to [email protected] or email a shared link from a Photo Album like Google Drive/Photos.

Leader Meetings

Service unit leader meetings will become invaluable! Led by local volunteers, service units create a tight-knit sense of community within specific geographical regions, providing personal assistance and helpful resources that every Girl Scout volunteer should take advantage of. By attending the Leader Meetings you’ll stay updated with what’s happening at the Service Unit and Council level. You can get your troop involved in volunteer or money-earning activities. You can learn something new and even network with other volunteers. These are mandatory and each troop MUST have representation.

2021-22 Leader Meeting Dates:



Aug 18th, Wed, 11am

Facebook Live (recorded)

Sept 16th, Thurs, 7pm


Oct 25th, Mon, 7pm


Nov 23rd, Tues, 11am

Facebook Live

Jan 4th, Tues, 7pm


Feb 17th, Thurs, 7pm


Mar 23rd, Wed, 11am

Facebook Live

Apr 26th, Tues 

Leader Appreciation TBD

May 20th, Fri

Leader Daughter TBD

PUBLIC Facebook page

Lynnhaven Shores Service Unit

Like and Follow this page to get all the event information for

both the LSSU and GSCCC. Other GS news and useful information will also be posted here. This is the place to share and post pictures of your troop happenings and news. Encourage GS care givers to also Like and Follow this page.

If you need help posting pictures ect... contact Sandy or Karen at [email protected]

Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat


Our Social Media Producers, Becca and Henna, will be using these to send out instant pictures and fun posts

as our SU events are happening.